Customer Reviews

" Hi Sher, I got my ring, I love it and the color of the stone works beautifully with my Paraiba pendant. I wish I had more money; I definitely have the paraiba bug. Thanks again! "

- Rebecca S.

" Sher, you were correct -- your photos, though good, could not capture the absolute plugged-in quality of this Paraiba. I never thought I'd own one of this size and quality. The setting is perfect for it, antique and lacy. OMG, it makes my heart beat faster. You certainly did not overstate the beauty of this little wonder. You should be designing for the Oscars for sure! "

- Janet T.

" The earrings have arrived and they are spectacular, really sublime and such a gorgeous design and so pretty. I am looking forward to wearing them!! "

- Dee L.

" Hi hun, It’s just arrived!!! Omg it’s beautiful xxx Thank you xxx "

- LucyMay

" I just wanted to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the snowflake Paraiba; it is truly beautiful and I love it as much as the Rubellite which really is something too, both are beyond speaking. Words fail me as they are both just fabulous. I have been taking them on and off in turn and just looking at them!! I am putting the things I bought from you in 'the special' jewelry box I told you sad is that, but only the best for the best! "

- Terry P.

" Sher. I received the ring. It is really beautiful. The setting is magnificent. It is so unique. I have wanted a Paraiba for so long. I can’t believe that I am now a proud owner of one. "

- Arlene D.

" Just a quick note to say thank you again! The ring is truly amazing. Sandi will be thrilled. Cheers, "

- John B.

" Wanted you to know, I got my beautiful paraiba ring and earrings today. They are just so beautiful! The ring sparkles alot in the sun, I just love the delicate design of diamonds around the paraiba stone! The diamonds on the earrings sparkle and are gorgeous! Thanks so much for helping me get them!! "

- Perry L.

" Hi Sher. I received my ruby diamond heart pendant. It is stunningly gorgeous! I love the rich red colour of the ruby, the perfect heart shape, the incredible diamond setting and the diamond chain- just exquisite. "

- Dianna D.

" Hi Sher, Thank you so much for this beautiful ring. Your design and the paraiba are really stunning. The ring is worth every cent. "

- Ute G.

" The earrings are sooo beautiful, l put them on right away and wore them the rest of the day. "

- Sheila S.

" Your jewelry is nicer then ANYBODY’S. I am so lucky to have a few pieces that you have created. "

- Jill T.

" Just wanted to let you know l absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ring and will keep an eye on your pieces for future purchases. "

- Sharon P.

" This is the most insanely beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life! You are a true artist! "

- Jordan S.

" Oh my gosh!!!️ I got my gorgeous ring! I’m in love! Thank you so much! Beautiful gift presentation, too! "

- Christina C.

" Hi Sher. I wanted to let you know I am so enjoying the butterfly ring. I have worn it every day since I received it and it is exquisite. Actually, my cousin, who likes jewelry as much as I do, and who has only seen this ring in photos, has named it “The Pink Lady”. It is just perfect and suits me to a T. Thank you so much for the ring, and thank you for making such unique and exquisite jewelry. I so enjoy all of your pieces. "

- Jill D.

" Sher I didn't get a chance to express how beautiful it is. Just gorgeous. Thank you so much for this one. Just beautiful. Thanks "

- Mary P.

" Sher, the ring is here and I LOVE it! Just a gorgeous sapphire and the snowflake design is so elegant and different than anything I have ever seen before. Thank you so much! "

- Barb B.

" The artist in me and the jewelry designer in me who knows tons about gemstones, semi-precious stones and PEARLS. I just wanted to tell you that I have never seen such unique and creative designs. WOW. I love your stuff. "

- Marissa L.

" Sher. I adore my bracelet. I have not taken it off since I got it. Norm loves it to and loves it more since it is a gift from him. It matches my paraiba ring beautifully.Thank you! "

- Dana E.

" Ring has arrived! My wife is thrilled with it. Thank you again for all you did to expedite shipment. "

- Dave M.

" You were definitely correct when said pictures didn't show just how fantastic it really is. This will make a beautiful heirloom piece for my grand niece/daughter (long story). Also the care taken to make initial presentation with the tissue paper and gift bag was very nice. In all the years and number of purchases I've made I've never seen someone take that much care & it made it seem that I was receiving a gift and when I opened that box I new I had received a spectacular gift. I imagine it was hard to part with it. Best wishes "

- Laura M.

" Sher, My ring is just so lovely, I wanted to tell you how much I love it and how beautiful it is. It's such an exciting ring. My husband bought it for our 30th Anniversary. I love the design and sparkle, the color and the fire. Hard to take my eyes off of it. I am a BIG fan of yours now. "

- Gloria G.